Nigmatulin Dissertations Directed

Full Doctor Degree (Doctor of Science) Dissertations Directed


Urmancheev S.F.

Hydrodynamic Effects in Anomalous Thermo-Viscous and Porous Media

Soloviev A.V.

Hydrodynamics of Convective and Vortex Flows under Light Radiation

Syunyaev R.Z.

Physical Chemistry of the Dispersed Systems in the Oil Refinery

Kutushev A.G.

Non-steady flows of gas-particles suspensions

Amanbaev T.R.

Two-phase flows in chemical technology

Khodzaev Ya.

Numerical investigation of non-steady vapor liquid flows in nuclear reactors

Kislitsyn A.A.

Heat and mass transfer in multiphase systems under the influence of high frequency electromagnetic field

Gubaidullin D.A.

Non-steady waves in dispersed media with phase transition

Fedorov K.M.

Filtration for multiphase and multicomponent flows

Enikeev I.Kh.

Gas dynamics of dusty gas

Kroshilin V.E

Hydrodynamics of a vapor - liquid flow in an active zone of an nuclear power plant in emergency regimes

Akhmadeev N.Kh.

Shock and detonation waves in condensed media with physical-chemical transformations and fracturing

Gubaidullin A.A.

Non steady waves in bubbly liquids and porous saturated media

Gumerov N.A.

Asymptotic methods for solving the dispersed media dynamics problems

Akhatov I.Sh.

Stability and waves in hydromechanics of liquids with relaxation

Zuong Ngok Hay

Shock, thermal, filtration and high frequency electromagnetic process in heterogeneous media

Nagiev F.B.

Hydrodynamics and thermophysics of gas-liquid systems

Musaev N.D.

Theoretical investigation of wave processes in two-phase media

Shagapov V.Sh.

The dynamics of heterogeneous media with phase and chemical transitions

Vainstein P.B.

The hydrodynamics of the transition of the combustion of disperse propellant systems to the explosion and detonation

Khabeev N.S.

Non-steady processes of heat and mass transfer in shock-wave and filtration flow of multiphase systems

Sayakhov F.L

High-frequency electromagnetic waves in the petroleum technology

Ivandaev A.I.

Non-steady waves and transient processes in gas-, vapour-liquid flows

Kholin N.N.

High velocity shocks of solids


Ph.D (Candidate Dissertations) Directed


Syrtlanov V. 1995

Thermophysics and hydrodynamics of gas-hydrate in porous medium

Belyutin S.V.1993

Modulation instability of waves and resonance of group velocities in two layer flow

Ganiev O.R 1992

Dynamics, heat and mass exchange in liquid with two phase bubbles

Turaev M. 1991

Numerical investigation of non-steady waves in bubbly liquids

Nazarov O.1991

Non-steady shock waves in gas with solid and liquid dispersed particles

Azamatov A.Sh. 1990

Experimental investigation of shock waves in clay and polymer solutions

Vakhitova N.1989

Theoretical investigation of shock waves in bubbly liquids with phase transitions and chemical reactions

Bolotnova R.Kh.1989

Numerical investigation of fracturing of metals by explosion and high velocity shock

Pizh V.A.1988

Experimental investigation of shock waves in colloid solutions

Khodzaev Ya.1988

Hydrodynamics and heat transfer of non-steady vapor-liquids flows in channels

Ivashnev O.E.1988

Non-steady non-equilibrium two-phase flows in channels

Inogamov N.1988

Numerical investigation of two dimensional micellar-polymer flooding in oil industry

Shagiev R.G.1988

Hydrodynamics and heat and mass transfer of gas-liquid flows with phase transitions and chemical reactions in tubular reactors for oil coke plants

Gubaidullin D.A.1988

Dynamics of weak waves in vapor-gas-droplet systems

Gumerov N.A. 1987

Dynamic processes in two phase dispersed media

Usmanov R.1987

Numerical investigation of heat and mass transfer in saturated porous solids with volume heating by high frequency electromagnetic field

Morgunov Yu.A.1987

The investigation of hydrodynamic process in limited volumes

Kravchenko M.N. 1986

Numerical investigation of shock of condensed substances with polymorphic transitions

Lyong Khong An 1985

Theoretical investigation of shock wave in two phase mixtures

Amanbaev T.R. 1985

The numerical investigation of dusty gas flows

Aidagulov R.R.1985

The flow of thin bodies by gas with particles

Enikeev I.Kh.1985

The numerical investigation of the flow of blunt bodies by dusty gas

Shikhmurzaeva Z.1983

The investigation of shock waves evolution in liquid with gas bubbles

Ahatov I.Sh.1983

On hydrodynamics of combustion and detonation in dispersed media or powder

Fedorov K.M. 1983

The mathematical modeling of macular-polymer flooding

Kutushev A.G.1982

The numerical investigation of non-steady shock-wave in dusty gases

Zuong Ngok Hai 1982

The investigation of wave processes in liquid with vapor bubbles

Kroshilin V.E.1982

The theoretical investigation of dispersed and dispersed-annular flows

Popov V.V.1982

On hydrodynamics of combustion and detonation of the suspension of propellant

Nagiev F.B.1980

On interfacial heat and mass transfer two-phase bubbly media

Soplenkov K.I. 1979

The investigation of steady and non-steady critical flows of gas and vapor mixtures

Rakhmatulina I.1977

The investigation of non-steady heat and mass transfer with vaporization and condensational growth and combustion of particles or drops

Gubaidullin A.A. 1977

The numerical investigation of non-steady wave processes in two-phase media

Akhmadeev N.Kh. 1976

The investigation of non-steady shock and detonation waves in condensed media with physical-chemical transformations

Khabeev N.S. 1974

On heat and mass transfer in two-phase media of bubbly structure

Shagapov V.Sh. 1974

On wave dynamics of gas-liquid media

Kholin N.N. 1973

The investigation of high velocity deformation of metals

Vainshtein P.B. 1972

On hydrodynamics of combustion of gas-particles mixtures

Ivandaev A.I.1969

The investigation of flows of two-phase media with phase transitions

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